Learn How To Play Points Rummy On Deccan Rummy

If you are an absolute enthusiast of Rummy, Deccan Rummy or you can say rummy Deccan is the perfect partner for you. You will never be bored with Deccan rummy as it constantly streams valuable advertisements and deals. Deccan rummy can provide you with valuable prizes and lavish rewards. Hence, it is an excellent opportunity to make real money by placing well. Deccan Rummy basically provides four types of games of which points Rummy is one of them. It is the quickest one to make fast cash where there exists only one deal. Your initial monetary value for each point is already pre-determined.

So, download the app real quick and grab your rewards and presents.

How to play Point Rummy?

Playing Rummy in online method is quite easy. It is just that you need to download the app and register yourself on their official website. Now, let’s come to the main subject- how to play points rummy. Below are the points to understand how to play this very game-

  • Points Rummy is played as a stack of 52 cards and the points for each card are pre-assigned at the beginning of the game with rupee value.
  • The game is to be played among 2-6 players with two stacks of 52 cards.
  • You need to place a specific amount on the table and each of the 13 cards will be dealt randomly.
  • Once the distribution is done, the very first card from the deck needs to be placed over the open deck which marks the beginning of the game.
  • Your only aim should be to arrange your 13 card in such a way that it has at least two sequences and sets. Although it is not mandatory to form sets. Moreover, you can not use the same card twice.
  • The game get going with picking and discarding cards by each player from either the closed or open deck according to their requirements to form the sequence and sets.
  • Ensuring that the printed joker and wild card joker has a pure sequence, you can even use them.
  • You need to tap on ‘declare’ before anyone else once you are done with forming the combination with a valid declaration to win the game.
  • While declaring, you should remember that you must possess one pure sequence out of the two sequences. You can even use the printed jokers or wild jokers to form impure sequence as your other sequence can be either pure or impure which totally depends on the availability of the cards.
  • The winner will receive 0 points. If you want to drop the game, you will get this option throughout the game. If you drop at your first turn, you will be getting 20 points and if you avail of this option after your first turn, you will receive 40 points. However, if you consecutively miss three turns of yours, you will be automatically dropped out of the game with a score of 40 points.
  • You can also make sets apart from two sets to make a valid declaration. But the only thing you need to keep in mind is that if you wish to become the winner, you need to be the first one to tap ‘declare’.

A trustworthy platform is a must while you are dealing something with cash. You will find plenty of apps claiming themselves to safe and secure. Don’t get confused and go for any bland app while dealing with real cash. For this reason, you can consider Deccan rummy which provides a safe place to play and transactions of your rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Install this app right away to play this amazing game and make real cash super soon.

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